Be Wary Of Fantastic Weight Loss Claims

Fake Weight Loss Claims

Don’t get taken in by fantastic weight loss claims. There are no overnight plans that will actually help you lose weight. There really are no secrets to losing weight, despite all of the claims made by various diet plans and weight loss products. A safe, healthy diet with a smart fitness plan should help you lose weight at the rate of 1-2 pounds per week. This rate of weight loss will help you avoid going on a yo-yo diet and will help you change your lifestyle so that you can keep the weight off.

Weight Loss Claims

We have all seen the claims made on the internet or on TV for fast, easy weight loss. Here are some of the more common claims the we have found:

  • “Lose 30 Pounds in Just One Month” and “Lose Weight Fast”.

Most overweight individuals need to lose weight slowly. A very rapid weight loss almost always leads to you gaining all of that weight back. Often, people with serious health issues associated with obesity might have an immediate need for losing weight very quickly but that should only be done with guidance from a doctor.


  1. “You Can Lose Weight Even When You Are Asleep”.

If you really want to succeed at losing weight you will have to alter your way of life and not just count on a diet doing the trick. Claims for diet pills and programs that guarantee weight loss without effort are always frauds.


  1. “Lose Those Pounds and Keep Them Off for Good”.

Be suspicious about promises that assure easy long term or permanent weight loss. To slim down and keep it off, you will need to alter how and what you eat, as well as how much exercise you add to your daily routine.

  1. “Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets … Breakthrough”.

Don’t think for a moment that there are secret or miracle weight-loss products or ideas. To safely get rid of excess weight, you have to minimize your intake of calories and increase your physical activity. There is no super-secret tablet for weight problems or weight reduction.


  1. “Jane Lost 80 Pounds in 6 Weeks”.

Because someone attained good outcomes with a particular weight loss program doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the very same results. Even if the claims hold true, somebody else’s success may have little similarity to your own possible results.


  1. “Lose Weight … You Can Eat Whatever You Want”.

To be successful at losing weight, you will have to alter what you eat and your overall eating habits. This might mean cutting back on the calories you consume by eating smaller amounts of foods and choosing foods that are low calorie. You might need to completely avoid certain types of foods.

  1. “Lose Weight Without Exercising”.

To get rid of excess pounds and to keep a healthy weight after they have achieved your weight loss goal, many may have to do more than 30 minutes of moderate to intensive physical activity daily. A regular fitness routine will help to decrease the risk of dying from coronary heart problem and reduces the danger of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. Research reveals that daily physical activity might help a person lose weight by off-setting the slow-down in metabolism that can occur during a weight reduction period.


To be successful at losing weight, you require to change your way of life and not just go on a diet. To lose weight, you have to lower your consumption of calories and increase your physical activity. To be successful at losing weight, you may require to change what you eat and your consuming routines. This almost always starts with a healthy, safe diet plan. Research shows that everyday physical activity may assist a person lose weight by partially minimizing the slow-down in metabolic process that takes place throughout weight loss.