Hooray For The Mediterranean Diet?

A Delicious Mediterranean Diet Meal

Some form of a Mediterranean diet plan has been practiced for hundreds of years, but not as set diet and meal plan.  It is actually a lifestyle, centering on food,that is maintained by people who live in that geographical are. People living in Greece or Italy may not have understood the many advantages of consuming healthy foods “Mediterranean” style. Instead, it was just what their lifestyle called for; eating the foods that are native to that region. Foods such as fish, olive oil, fruits, vegetables and whole grains are native to the region and are the fundamental pieces of the Mediterranean diet plan.


Many detailed studies have shown that following a Mediterranean diet plan greatly increases the chances of long term healthy weight loss.  It also has been shown to significantly decrease the risks of serious diseases that are associated with being overweight. Most medical experts recognize five specific benefits from following a Mediterranean style diet.

Fairly Rapid Weight Loss

One welcome benefit of the Mediterranean diet is that most people will see a quick weight loss. Nothing is better for a dieter’s state of mind than to see fast results when they have changed their eating habits.  The meals are designed around delicious foods that are both filling and extremely healthy.  You aren’t forced to eat tiny portions of tasteless foods that you can’t recognize.  Instead, you can enjoy fish prepared in olive oil with roasted peppers, garlic and onions.  Add to this some broccoli with balsamic vinegar and parmesan.  Terrific!

Improved And Excellent Heart Health

The tasty diet plan dishes offered with a Mediterranean diet plan are all developed to promote a very healthy heart. Meals are designed around heart healthy foods like olive oil, vegetables, fruits and omega oil rich fish such as salmon.  Studies have shown that using these foods in your everyday cooking, while cutting out excess fats and sugars, will help to increase dramatically the health of your heart.  Important vitamins and nutrients are in almost all of the foods used in this type of diet plan, also improving your heart’s overall health.

Greatly Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Too many toxic food related substances in your system has been shown to cause certain kinds of cancer.  Some of these cancers can take the form of prostrate, uterine or breast cancer. By eating more of the healthier foods promoted in the Mediterranean diet, such as vegetables and fruits, you can start to eliminate many of toxins that are contained in less healthy foods.  One other plus is that most of the foods used in the Mediterranean diet are known anti-oxidants.

Help Prevent Gallstones

The Mediterranean diet plan is rich in nuts, vegetable oil, and fish and these foods have been shown to help reduce the risk of gallstones in some people. While this type of diet won’t completely eliminate the possibility of gallstones appearing, it does increase your odds of avoiding them.  Anyone who has ever suffered from gallstones knows that you want to avoid them if at all possible.

Greatly Reduces Blood Pressure

Following A Mediterranean Diet Plan Can Reduce The Risk From High Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure is known as a silent killer and quite often it is the direct result of a poor diet and carrying too much weight.  Because this diet plan is heavy in healthy, low fat foods most dieters will see a tremendous improvement in their blood pressure levels. When you eat fewer fatty foods your body returns to its natural level of blood pressure and cholesterol. The reduction of salt is also a key component of blood pressure reduction, yet you will find that the meals still taste great.  Almost all of the meals are seasoned with tangy herbs and spices that increase the flavor without the harmful effects of too much table salt.  Most of the meals are prepared by roasting or baking and very little fat is used for frying.  Both of these methods are far healthier and help keep excess fat out of your diet.


These five key benefits are just a few of the many advantages that come from changing to a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Your improved overall health, along with a very healthy long term weight loss will show benefits for years to come.

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