Simple Weight Loss Hacks

You probably have seen tips on how to lose weight, you may have memorized them by now.  While it’s true that there are basic suggestions that will help you lose weight there are also some unique tips that you haven’t heard of.  Here are some weight loss hacks that can help you drop unwanted pounds faster.


Tips For Starting A Diet

How to start a diet plan.

One simple tip to help you lose weight quickly is to enjoy a big breakfast and have smaller meals the rest of the day. If you are watching your carb intake it may be helpful to eat carbs at breakfast and then eliminate them from your diet for the rest of the day.

By eating a big breakfast you are giving your body the fuel it needs for the day while giving it time to burn those calories.  Big meals later in the day can lead to weight gain because you don’t have time to burn off those extra calories.


Eating Fish For Breakfast is a weight loss hack that works.

This may make you shudder but it is an easy way to add some Omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. It also adds some variety to your everyday diet plan.  Fat too many people get bored with breakfast and either start to skip it or start eating the wrong foods. No one is going to force you to eat traditional breakfast foods for breakfast.

Adding different foods into your diet keeps you interested in food and will help you pay attention to what you are eating.  Maybe fish for breakfast doesn’t work for you but think outside of the eggs and bacon box that is often the only option for breakfast.


Using Lettuce Leaves instead of bread helps cut out carbs from your diet.

Have you been in a restaurant and your meal consists of leafs of lettuce with a plate of ingredients to use like a sandwich?  It has become quite the rage, especially with Asian cuisine.  It may seem odd at first; can you spread mayo on a lettuce leaf?  What you are doing is replacing a food that has very limited health benefits (bread) and replaced it with a food that has no starch or carbs, plus has a bit of fiber.

This means you can make a carb-free double cheeseburger with onions, pickles and tomato.  Just wrap your ingredients in a whole lettuce leaf. You can use the some idea for tacos or wraps.  Fresh, crisp lettuce works best and you may need to let the fillings cool a bit before assembling you new wave sandwich.


Many of us on a diet crave a little dessert at some point. The problem usually starts with the type of desserts we ate before we started out diets.  Ice cream with chocolate and whipped cream is probably not going to pass muster with most diet plans.  But what about fruit slices or berries?

How to make a A Healthy Fruit Dessert.

Berries are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins and nutrients.  Add to this the fact that berries are naturally sweet and you have the makings of a healthy and tasty dessert. You can add non-sugar sweeteners to increase the sweet taste.  Most berries and fruits work well with dairy products as well.  Add a bit of cream to a dish of berries and you have a great dessert.


Fruit juices can be extremely appealing as a replacement for soda; after all, it is fruit.  The question you have to ask is just how healthy your fruit juice really is? The labels on juices at your grocery store may tell a story that you won’t like. Most bottled juices have very little fruit in them, sometimes less than 1% of the volume.

Sadly, the contents of most bottled juices are made up of water, sugar (both natural and artificial) and flavor additives.  The law allows this product to be called juice but it is my no means the actual juice squeezed from fruit.  Your best option is to skip bottles juices and go to fresh squeezed or frozen.  Read the labels carefully and make sure that fruit is the number one ingredient.  It will cost more than bottle juices but you will be drinking healthy, sugar free juices.


Low Carb Atkins Shake.

Every meal and diet plan will have meal replacements that you can buy.  While these are very convenient they are also more expensive than other prepared meals that you may buy at your supermarket.  Most of these meals will fit in nutritionally with your diet but you need to budget for them.

One are of concern with meal replacements is the use of shakes or nutrition bars instead of a regular meal. Again, you need to be a wise shopper.  Some of these items have no more nutritional value than a bag of M & Ms and shouldn’t be used in place of a meal.  Some supplemental shakes are fine but others are full of sweeteners and artificial ingredients that will set back your weight loss attempts.


Have you seen advertisements for low carb doughnuts or muffins? People on low carb diets often complain of missing foods like breads and will try items that are promoted as replacements for their favorite foods that are now forbidden.  There are hundreds of these packaged low-carb labeled goods online and at your local supermarket. While they may have some appeal they shouldn’t become a part of your diet plan, at least in the first few months.

Be Wary Of Healthy Food Claims

Most low-carb pastries sound appealing but far too often they still contain some of the usual carbohydrate suspects: sugar or a sugar alternative and flour.  While they might be more acceptable than a typical muffin they shouldn’t be considered part of your diet plan.


Sticking with your low carb diet plan will be easier if you remember one basic thread in all grocery store designs: the healthy foods are on the outer aisles.  There is a reason for this, grocery stores and supermarkets are laboratories for taking advantage of human behavior.

Supermarket Layout is designed to lull you into buying processed foods.

Think about your last visit to a supermarket.  Upon entering you were presented beautiful displays of fruits and vegetables, all of them fresh and screaming the word “healthy”.  The aisles probably lead you to bulk foods and a meat section, again focusing on foods that your mind processes as being healthy. Towards the back of the store you are taken to the dairy products, a cool, refreshing area that features milk and eggs, items that you probably have on your diet plan. frozen foods. For the many part all of the foods that you require for your low carbohydrate diet can be found on the boundary of the supermarket.


This is done by design.  While the markup on fruits and veggies is minimal and the items themselves create extra work for the store, the fruits and vegetables themselves are presented in a way that make it hard not to pick up a few things.  You then feel good about buying healthy foods and may pay less attention to what you are buying when you shop the middle aisles.  It will be these items, all processed foods, that shouldn’t be a part of your diet.  For the retailer, however, these items are their profit tools.  Hopefully by making you feel better about the two pieces of fruit that you purchased when you arrived you will feel less guilty about buying the four boxes of processed cereal that just went into your shopping cart.


The number one stumbling block for people starting out on a new diet is figuring out what to eat.  Many diet plans will give you menu ideas but they won’t give you the recipe needed to make the dishes.  This is why you need to invest in a couple of good cookbooks that are designed around the diet plan that you are following.  Don’t overlook some of the cookbooks that you already own.  That flour covered Betty Crocker cookbook has a lot of low carb recipes, they just won’t be titled as such.

Dash Diet Cookbook

Well written cookbooks are great tools for learning more about the type of diet that you are following, what kind of foods can be used in meal planning and an assortment of tempting recipes.  You can find hundreds of cookbooks for low carb diets, DASH diets and Mediterranean diets that will have recipes and meal plans that are easy to follow.  No diet plan has ever been successful with bland, boring foods.


Never begin a diet without consulting with your doctor or health professional.  Every diet plan causes changes in your system and any underlying health issues can become aggravated.  Don’t read click bait headlines to figure out how to handle your iron deficiency, talk to your doctor first.  Some diet plans ignore nutritional information; their goal is to help you lose weight.  You need to make sure that your body is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep you healthy.  Taking a multivitamin may help but ideally you will be following a plan that is nutritionally sound.  Your goal must be long term weight loss and improved overall health.

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