The Mayo Clinic Diet Cookbooks

Mayo Clinic Diet Cookbooks

There is no more trusted name in medicine than the Mayo Clinic.  That’s why their diet plan has been so well received and so successful.  While it is a plan to help you lose weight, it is designed with long term weight loss and health benefits in mind.  It helps you change lifelong habits, improve your diet and how you eat, and help you to make lifestyle changes.

Many diet plans will lead to short term weight loss.  This is a good result but too often it ends up being temporary.  Slowly you find yourself returning to old (and bad) eating habits and not keeping physically active.  Maybe this has happened to you and you find yourself starting all over on yet another diet.  This type of yo-yo dieting is not only frustrating, it is also unhealthy.

The focus of the Mayo Clinic Diet is to change your usual routine by adding or removing certain habits you have developed.  The removing part comes with the diet plan.  While heavy on fruits, vegetables and whole grains, the diet does allow for some red meat and dairy.  The change comes in how you prepare the foods, the portions, and the avoidance of foods that aren’t healthy.

The adding to your routine part comes with the addition of a physical fitness plan.  This doesn’t mean that you will have to spend hours in a gym.  Instead, you will gradually add 20-30 minutes of exercise five to six times a week.  The goal with each exercise session is to burn off an extra 100 calories.  While this may not sound like a lot, over the course of a year this can add up to 10-15 pounds of excess weight permanently removed.  Add in your diet plan and you are on the road to long term weight loss.

Mayo Clinic Diet Cookbooks

As with any diet plan, starting is the hardest part.  You need to change what you eat but without a plan you can spend a lot of time and money making mistakes.  Here are some of our favorite cookbooks based on the Mayo Clinic diet.  Any of these will be a great place to start if you are serious about changing your lifestyle and working towards long term good health and weight loss.

The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook

The New Mayo Clinic Diet Cookbook
This is an excellent cookbook to use as a starting point with the Mayo diet.  Not only does it contain over 200 recipes, it also has information on which foods are better for fighting off certain diseases.  The recipes are very well written and explain how to prepare each dish without using exotic ingredients.  There also are sections based on seasonal foods, letting you take advantage of your farmer’s market.

Mayo Clinic Diet: Eat Well, Enjoy Life

Eat Well Enjoy Life Mayo Clinic Cookbook
This #1 Bestseller (New York Times) is another good starting point for those trying the Mayo diet.   Not only is it full of delicious and easy to follow recipes, it has information on exercise programs and how to make lifestyle changes.  It also does a good job of pointing out frustrations and obstacles faced by anyone trying to lose weight.  Instead of just giving you platitudes about these problems it gives you advice on how to overcome them.  An excellent choice for anyone using the Mayo diet.


Mayo Clinic: Going Gluten Free

Going Gluten Free Cookbook

This cookbook is a bit different but we have included it here due to the growing number of people who suffer from gluten and Celiac caused issues.  Here you will find a guide to help you determine if gluten free is right for you.  The cookbook is based on a healthy Mayo diet plan that is free of gluten and still offering delicious meal recipes.  There is an excellent section on how to read food labels and what ingredients to watch out for.

Following a Mayo Clinic Diet can lead to some wonderful benefits.  This type of diet not only helps you to lose weight, it also helps with some definite health issues.  You will find a lowering of blood pressure, helping to relieve any hypertension that may be afflicting you.  The risk of heart disease is lowered, along with bad cholesterol.  This diet plan is excellent for helping you to achieve the long term weight loss and improved overall health that you want to have.