Time For Some Common Sense Diet Tips

Common sense diet tips will work, not quick weight loss gimmicks. Here are a few diet tips to help you achieve long term weight loss.  Common sense diet tips will work, not quick weight loss gimmicks. Here are a few diet tips to help you achieve long term weight loss.When individuals want to lose weight they almost always want to do it quickly and easily. As a rule, weight lost in a short duration of time will normally come back just as quickly. To help you lose weight and keep it off will require a smart diet plan that will help you get rid of those excess pounds and, more importantly, keep them off.

Many people decide to go on a diet because of a special event.  It might be a wedding, it might be an important social function and your goal is to fit into that special dress. This type of quick weight loss can be done, but the odds are good that you will gain this weight back as quickly as you lost it. Your best option is to ignore the quick weight loss idea and concentrate instead on a long term weight loss plan.  You will be much happier with the result.

Losing weight too quickly usually is only temporary. Most of the loss is water and not a real weight loss. There is nothing wrong with a few days of losing water weight, except for feeling hungry and cleaned out, this type of diet will not damage you long term.  If your goal was only to fit into that dress and you don’t care about any longer term results you should be happy.

Cut Out Sodas

A smart first step with any diet plan is to stop drinking anything that has calories. Think about this for a moment; one small can of Coke Cola has 140 calories plus about 4 grams of sugar.  Nutritionally you don’t need either the calories or the sugar.  That’s like eating 2 Oreos every time you have a Coke with a meal.

Following An Atkins Diet

1200 calories per day is rather low and really just above the hunger level, but this number gets used often when talking about calorie intake. Using 1200 calories per day means that 10% of your daily calories are used up with one glass of soda. Substitute water (zero calories, zero sugar.  It doesn’t get better than that) or coffee when you are having a meal.  There are plenty of diet beverages available but you will want to pay attention to any artificial sweeteners used.

Restricting your daily calorie intake to 1200 for just a few days can help you lose quite a bit of weight quickly without hurting your health. However, it is dangerous to restrict your calorie intake at this level for very long, the health issues you would face could be quite serious. Chances are you have struggled with a common cold or flu that has made you awful.  You didn’t want to eat anything for three or four days before you felt better.  You most likely noticed that you dropped weight throughout those days. A few days of minimal calorie intake shouldn’t do you any harm. However, this is a horrible idea as a long term diet plan.

Add Fruits And Veggies To Your Diet

Foods that are easy to absorb can be wonderful for quick weight loss. Think about a delicious bowl of homemade vegetable beef soup.  The veggies in the soup will still give you some great nutrients, your system can absorb the food easily and you will feel full.

Most diet plans have you avoiding starchy foods like potatoes, corn and peas. For best results you should replace starchy foods with lots of green vegetables. Celery, broccoli, spinach and lettuce are excellent diet choices and they will help make you feel full. You can please your sweet tooth by eating oranges and strawberries.  It’s very important to make sure that you are aware of your vitamin and nutrient intake when dieting.  You may want to add a multi-vitamin to your diet.

Using common sense and some proven diet tips can help you to drop weight quickly and keep it off.  Keep in mind that cutting down your calories dramatically like this must only be done for a few days and no longer. You will risk your healthy if you starve yourself completely or limit your calories this much for too long. As always when you are thinking of doing on a complete diet plan, it’s best to check with your doctor.