Is There Such A Thing As Quick And Easy Weight Loss?

Following A Mediterranean Diet Plan

We have all seen ads promising quick and easy weight loss. Is there such a thing as simple and fast weight loss? Do these plans actually work?  Are there really simple ways to slim down quickly? To answer this question you will need to focus on two points that are mentioned: what do you mean by slimming down and what is your definition of fast?

People who are looking to lose a minor bit of weight, around 2-10 pounds, can probably drop that amount quite quickly and with just a small amount of diet change and exercise. However, someone hoping to to lose 15 or more pounds and hope to achieve this goal in a month to six weeks will have a different set of issues to address.  15 pounds is a lot of weight to lose and you want to make sure you do it properly.

It’s easy to find programs that will help to drop weight in a very short period of time. Sadly, most of them will only involve losing some water weight.  The few pounds of water weight (and yes, we all have a bit of water weight before we start dieting} that we drop won’t usually stay off.  All you have done is give yourself some false hope, followed by disappointment when you gain the weight back.

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Most of the diet programs claiming fast weight loss don’t actually result with you losing excess body fat. Losing the excess body fat has to be your goal when it comes to long term weight loss.  It is the only genuine way to reduce weight and have it stay off, plus it usually involves changing your lifestyle and improving your overall health.

Far too many of these fast and simple weight reduction plans will focus on some sort of liquid fasting or cleansing. In other words, they help you pee and poop more often.  This only goes so far when it comes to weight loss, you only have so much excess fluid in your system.  Most cleansing or fasting systems have different presentation,  however the basic theory is the same:

You will considerably minimize, or stop entirely, consuming any solid foods for a number of days

During that time your entire diet plan will be only liquid shakes or some sort of cleansing mixture that you add to water. The idea is to supply your body with the nutrients it requires while helping your system flush any contaminants out of your body.  There are quite a few warnings about these types of diets, you need to make sure you have consulted a doctor first.

As a rule, these types of weight reduction strategies get you off to a flying start.  That changes quickly after a few days however.  If you are not following a well arranged diet plan you will soon tire of the drinks, your appetite will be wild and all you are doing is passing liquids through your body. If your goal is to lose more than 10 – 15 pounds, this diet technique will never work for you.  It just cannot deliver on any promises than helping you to lose 1-5 pounds, with no help in keeping it off.

It’s not a secret, but to achieve healthy long term weight loss you are going to have to change your eating habits and add some physical activity to your daily routine.  Both of these steps will require adjustments in your lifestyle and can be difficult at first.

Most Diet Pills Offer Limited Results

Diet pills, weight loss creams and massage gizmos will only get you limited results.  These results are usually a softer skin from the creams and massage toys and a cleaned out system from the diet pills.


Despite this negative review of quick weight loss claims, don’t assume that to lose weight and keep it off you have to go to an extreme hardcore diet and exercise program. There are some easy way of life changes that can make a huge impact on your weight loss plans and your overall health.  You just need to keep your weight loss goal in mind.  You want to lose weight in a way that is healthy and long lasting.  Simply following a “smart diet plan” will probably just assist you with some weight loss. You will need to make some permanent changes so that you don’t re-gain the lost weight.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, there might not truly be such a thing as simple methods to lose weight quickly. There are some easy things you can do to make modifications to your life that will result (maybe not in fast) but long-term weight loss.